Smithfield Foods Shutters Pork Plant in Crete, Nebraska

05:06PM Apr 27, 2020
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( Smithfield Foods )

Smithfield Foods in Crete, Neb., will be shuttering as COVID-19 cases continue to rise among plant workers. The plant harvests 10,000 hogs a day.

According to an email sent to employees, the location will be shut down for at least two weeks, News Channel Nebraska reports.

As of Sunday, there were 47 positive tests of COVID-19 at the pork processing plant. Testing has been ramped up by both the Nebraska National Guard and Bryan Health, the article said. Public Health Solutions are processing a very large number of COVID-19 test results.

During the temporary closure, a small group of people will be required to work as sanitation practices will continue to take place, News Channel Nebraska reports. 

On April 24, Smithfield announced temporary closure of their pork plant in Monmouth, Ill.

The company has been proactively and aggressively tackling COVID-19 by implementing processes, protocols and protective measures throughout its operations and remains committed to doing everything in its power to help protect its team members from COVID-19 in the workplace, Smithfield said in a statement on Friday. 

The company responded to misinformation asserted by some media about the company’s actions during the COVID-19 pandemic in a release on Friday. 

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