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Mar 25, 2019

This Spring, Clean Up Your Fuel Efficiency

Spring can be seen as a fresh start and the perfect time to reassess what worked last year and what can be improved. And it’s true—the first weeks when the weather warms and the sun starts shining can be an ideal time to get the metaphorical and literal house in
Mar 11, 2019

Busted: 3 myths you might believe about diesel

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to diesel. Many people — even seasoned farmers — assume things about diesel that simply aren’t true. From changing technology to fuel’s impact on your exhaust after treatment, there are myths out there that need to be busted. Ron Jessen, Marketing
Feb 25, 2019

Behind the Scenes at the Refinery: The Science of Making Fuel

What comes to mind when you think of modern engineering? Skyscrapers? Supercomputers? How about fuel? While fuel may not be the first thing most of us picture when it comes to technology, turning crude oil into a product the world depends on every day takes some fascinating science. As you
Feb 11, 2019

Diesel Gelling and How To Stop It This Winter

There’s no worse sound on a cold winter morning than the sputter of a diesel engine that won’t start. No matter what the job, it's not getting done if cold weather gets the best of your equipment. 

It’s no secret that diesel engines can be temperamental in the winter. Every
Jan 28, 2019

Keep Bulk Fuel Tanks Free of Water and Contaminants

What do water, rust, dirt, dust, bacteria and algae have in common? You don’t want them in your bulk fuel storage tank. Draining and cleaning tanks regularly is the only way to keep water, which attracts these other items, from accumulating. Water and contaminants in fuel tanks accelerate fuel degradation
Jan 14, 2019

Oil Analysis Now Can Prevent Problems Later

Mechanics like to call oil analysis a blood test for your engine. It’s an apt comparison, since engine conditions can give you a quick read on the health of the entire machine and an early alert to impending problems. However, it’s not just engines that can benefit. You should run
Dec 31, 2018

Protecting Your Equipment in Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can be brutal to your equipment – especially on moving parts inside the engine. That’s why using a synthetic lubricant is a critical part of protecting the investment you’ve made in your machinery. Synthetic lubricants provide premium protection to your engine, even in the most extreme temperatures. In
Dec 17, 2018

How Technology is Making Farm Operations More Efficient

Farmers will have 9.1 billion people to feed by the year 2050, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). That’s almost 30% more people than the world holds now. Income levels are also rising in many nations, increasing demand for high-quality food, fiber and sustainable
Dec 03, 2018

It's Never Too Late to Winterize Your Diesel

Switching to a winterized diesel during the coldest months of the year can be an important move to protect your equipment in the harshest elements. And while it’s ideal to start using a winterized fuel early in the season to avoid engine issues, it’s never too late to move to