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Dec 28, 2018

AG TIME If I Didn’t Know Better by John Walsh

I find much of the market perplexing. There are things that don’t add up, in my humble opinion. The soy complex is so oversupplied. The market has never had a supply like this. Unprecedented. Yet, prices are still high relative to the historic norm. Not my norm. The norm in
Dec 08, 2018

AG TIME - Much to Consider by John Walsh

The soy has had a nice rally. It is important to realize that this is a historically high price given the stocks to usage. In addition, the current price is actually $1.60 per bu higher given the Administrations one time payment to the farmer this year. The board is playing
Dec 01, 2018

AG TIME G Meeting by John Walsh

This weekend should be market moving one way or the other. Sunday evening could be interesting. President Trump will be meeting with President Xi. It is my thought that a window of opportunity will present itself. Trump, I believe, wants a deal. Xi I believe needs a deal but doesn't
Nov 29, 2018

AG TIME Really Something

I am enjoying the fact that the soy is back above $9.00 march forward. This is important. The current price plus the US one time payment of approx $1.60 bolsters the balance sheet. I believe the market (soy) is historically way overpriced. Given the carry, domestic and global, this is
Nov 21, 2018

AG TIME Record Turkey on the Way

The markets up again. The banter regarding what The Trump Admin will do is getting old. Frankly, if this is what is the most important thing to the market, which it seems it is, then I must be long in the tooth. The one long term constant in, my opinion
Nov 20, 2018

AG TIME Round and Round We Go by John Walsh

The markets under pressure. The weekend meeting bore no fruit. The President is scheduled to speak with Premier Xi at the end of this month. The reality as I see it is the Chinese will need to make a deal. They won’t win a drawn out battle. Trump would like
Nov 17, 2018

AG TIME Looking Forward by John Walsh

The soy was led higher by meal. The President said he was working on some deals with China and suspended further tariff action. A deal will be forthcoming at some point. But, what does it really mean to the market? My long term thoughts remain on the bear side. There
Nov 13, 2018

AG TIME Two Divergent Paths by John Walsh

The Soy was down a bit today. This rally of late seems to be based on optimism that the US China relations will cool and demand will be restored. Perhaps. It is my belief the relationship will be restored to the Liking of Trump. However, I also believe we are
Nov 09, 2018

AG TIME Time to Settle in by John Walsh

The USDA report is in the books. There really were not any surprises from my thought regarding the markets. To recap. The US carry is growing. The USDA only reduced Chinese imports 4 mmt. The 18/19 marketing year the carry is projected to swell to 955 million bushels. This is