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May 17, 2019

Another Farmer Pleads Guilty in $142 Million Organic Grain Fraud

A fraud case that has already netted guilty pleas from a grain broker and three Nebraska farmers has also forced a Missouri farmer to plead guilty to involvement in fraudulently selling organic grain.
Rural Broadband
May 16, 2019

Bipartisan Bill to Guard and Increase Rural Broadband Reintroduced

A bill has been reintroduced in the U.S. Senate that seeks to protect and expand rural broadband access along with encouraging investment in high-speed internet.
Game of Thrones helen-sloan-hbo
May 16, 2019

Farming is Coming: A Look at Agriculture in Game of Thrones

The hit television show and book series Game of Thrones has more connections to agriculture than one would think for a fantasy series that features dragons and ice zombies.
May 06, 2019

More Hours of Service Fixes for Livestock Haulers Offered by Congress

The Modernizing Agricultural Transportation Act has been introduced in the House of Representatives and is yet another legislative proposal that offers fixes for livestock haulers regarding hours of service rules.
PETA Billboard KC Flood
Apr 29, 2019

PETA Tries Capitalizing on Cattle Flooding Deaths with Billboards

After more than a month since widespread flooding and blizzards devastated cattle producers in Nebraska and surrounding states an animal rights group is using the tragedy to push a vegan diet.
Nacogdoches Rotary Club Cleanup
Apr 26, 2019

Texas Dairy Picking Up the Pieces After Tornado Devastates Farm

After taking a direct hit from an EF-3 tornado a dairy farm in Texas doesn't plan to rebuild, but is thankful for all the help that people have provide in the family's time of need.
Apr 24, 2019

Walmart Partners to Establish Its Own Angus Beef Supply Chain

44 Farms, Mc6 Cattle Feeders, Creekstone Farms and FPL Foods are all coming together with Walmart to deliver Angus beef to consumers.
Apr 19, 2019

New Robotic Feed Pusher and Remixer Debuted by DeLaval

DeLaval's OptiDuo robotic feed refresher both pushes and mixes feed for cattle.
USDA Court Case Jail
Apr 12, 2019

Former FSA Employee Serving 2 Years in Prison for $166,000 Loan Fraud

After accepting payments for approving USDA loans for cash payments, a former Farm Service Agency loan officer will spend two years in federal prison.