As cannabis in the form of industrial hemp receives crop status in the 2018 farm bill and a growing number of states have legalized medical marijuana and industrial hemp production, who will meet the need?

Farm Journal exclusive survey of crop farmers and livestock producers reveals farmers’ attitudes about cannabis and gauges their interest in growing cannabis as a commercial crop for medical use, recreational use and industrial hemp use and for use in animal feed.

Check out exclusive data from the 2019 Farm Journal Cannabis in U.S. Agriculture Study and other resources here: 

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From Farm Journal: Hemp: Hopes and Headaches Ahead
U.S. farmers can officially play the hemp game, so says the 2018 farm bill, and as of January 2019, 41 states have given hemp a green flag. Here’s what you need to know before you grow.

Perdue Answers Buzz on Hemp in Animal Feed

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15:45PM Feb 06, 2018

Hemp Goes Mobile As Farmers Seek Opportunity

Chris Bennett
Technology and Issues Editor

Producers stuck on the hemp sidelines may be able to take advantage of HempHub USA, a push by two companies to transport a decortication machine into states with legal hemp

20:00PM Jan 11, 2018

Hemp Responds to Sessions Editors
AgWeb Contributor

What are the implications to the hemp industry after Attorney General Jeff Sessions tightens marijuana prosecution guidelines?

15:20PM Jan 08, 2018

Marijuana Farming Is Now For US Agriculture

Chris Bennett
Technology and Issues Editor

The age of marijuana farming in the U.S. has arrived, although most farmers are caught on the sidelines. As individual state cultivation barriers topple at a dizzying pace, U.S. agriculture’s

15:10PM Dec 13, 2017

Hemp Continues Return, Acreage Doubles in 2017

Farm Journal Editors
AgWeb Contributor

Hemp continues down the road of return as a standard U.S. row crop, with 23,343 acres in 2017, despite federal prohibition. Acreage more than doubled from 2016, and state licenses

15:54PM Dec 04, 2017

Maverick Farmer Grows Hemp Today, Marijuana Tomorrow

Chris Bennett
Technology and Issues Editor

Chris Adams punched 300 acres of hemp ground in 2017 and hopes to start indoor production of marijuana in 2018. The maverick producer has picked the cannabis horse as a

21:58PM Mar 10, 2017

Hemp Study for Animal Feed Heads to Colorado Governor

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor

Colorado livestock could be eating hemp under a bill that awaits the governor's signature.

22:34PM Feb 27, 2017

Lawmakers Push for Hemp Comeback in Wisconsin

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor

Republican lawmakers want to help Wisconsin's once-dominant hemp industry make a comeback, giving farmers the chance to add a versatile and hardy plant to their fields.