15:37PM Dec 10, 2017

Strong Winds at Bad Time Diminish Nebraska Corn Crop

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AgWeb Contributor

Strong winds at bad time diminish Nebraska corn crop

21:03PM Dec 05, 2017

Drought, Snow Delaying Some North Dakota Harvest Until Spring

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor

The first major winter storm of the 2017-18 season hit North Dakota on Monday. In Bismarck, strong winds kicked up snow, and blizzard warnings were posted as winds gusted up

18:00PM Nov 28, 2017

Louisiana Ratoon Rice Not Enough to Make Up From First Crop Yields

Ashley Davenport
AgWeb Contributor

Louisiana rice farmers are nearly finished with ratoon rice, or the second crop. Yields have been strong, but it might not be enough to offset the lackluster first crop harvest.

16:40PM Nov 26, 2017

Researchers Using Math to Boost Wheat Straw use for Ethanol

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AgWeb Contributor

Researchers using math to boost wheat straw use for ethanol

21:13PM Nov 21, 2017

Nebraska Teen Takes over Family Farm While Father is Ill

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AgWeb Contributor

Nebraska Teen Takes over Family Farm while Father is ill

19:02PM Nov 15, 2017

I-80 Harvest Tour 2017: Storing the Record Bushels

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter
The USDA is expecting farmers to see a record national corn yield in 2017, averaging 175.4 bushels per acre. The Nov. 12 report shocked the ag industry because it was ...
17:19PM Nov 09, 2017

Crop Production: Corn Up 2% from October, Soybeans Down Slightly

AgWeb Contributor

According to the latest USDA Crop Production report, Corn production is down 4% from last year but up 2% from the October forecast. Soybean production is down less than 1%