14:53PM Nov 06, 2017

What Would 21 Million Bales Mean?

Chris Bennett
Technology and Issues Editor

Take away hurricane losses in Georgia and Texas, and the cotton industry could still pull 21 million bales from U.S. farmland in 2017. If that estimate holds, there could be

13:47PM Nov 06, 2017

Tiny bug posing threat to New Mexico's $180M pecan industry

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor

Tiny bug posing threat to New Mexico's $180M pecan industry

21:07PM Oct 31, 2017

Harvest Weather Favors Some Corn Belt Farmers

Nate Birt
Managing Editor

Beautiful harvest conditions greeted producers in much of the Corn Belt early in October after a prolonged period of heat with limited rain.

21:42PM Oct 30, 2017

Soybean Harvest Is Back On Track, Corn Still Struggles Editors
AgWeb Contributor

Despite some Midwest harvest delays in recent weeks, farmers have made up a lot of ground in their soybean fields this past week.

18:28PM Oct 25, 2017

Southern California Lemon Harvest To Begin

Ashley Davenport
AgWeb Contributor

Another round of lemon harvest will begin soon in southern California.

15:47PM Oct 25, 2017

I-80 Harvest Tour 2017: Western Iowa

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter
Harvest delays in the western Corn Belt are the result of a long string of rainy days. When farmers finally got a dry spell, they took advantage of it. Earlier ...
18:36PM Oct 24, 2017

Strong Sweet Potato Yields After Louisiana Harvest Delays

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor

Some Louisiana sweet potato farmers have delayed harvest to give their potatoes more time to reach market size. Harvest is underway, and many producers are finding yields to be very