07:59AM May 07, 2019

Canola Time for Farms in the South?

Chris Bennett
Technology and Issues Editor

Is canola in the Mid-South a potential wheat rival, double-crop candidate and follow-up yield booster?

10:48AM Apr 19, 2019

Arkansas Rice Acreage Holds in 2019?

AgWeb Editors
AgWeb Contributor

With the window closing for much of Arkansas’ early planted rice in 2019, an acreage shift is an open question.

13:44PM Mar 14, 2019

Canada Remains a Steadfast Wingman, But At What Cost?

Shaun Haney
AgWeb Contributor

Canada is closely following the U.S., in so many political and trade matters, as a steadfast wingman. But what is the cost?

23:55PM Apr 27, 2018

Canada's Farmers Confound Analysts as Wheat Planting to Increase

Wire Service

Growers focus on dry weather and shrug off U.S.-China trade woes.

22:34PM Mar 27, 2018

An Acreage Battle Looms

Jerry Gulke
Market Strategy Columnist

In spite of what we heard for months of sideways trading markets and media fear of being saddled long term by mountains of grains (especially corn), some real issues are

14:00PM Mar 01, 2018

On-Farm Storage Program Connects Producers with New Markets

Katie Humphreys
Managing Editor

Indigo Ag, Inc., is launching an on-farm storage program for U.S. farmers to enable identity preservation of corn, soybeans, cotton, wheat and rice.

13:58PM Feb 08, 2018

China Retaliates Against Tariffs, Takes Strike At U.S. Agriculture

Ashley Davenport
AgWeb Contributor

Last month, the U.S. issued a statement it would be putting 30 percent tariffs on solar panels and washing machines imported from China. Less than two weeks later after the