Wisconsin farmland
11:48AM May 14, 2019

4 Factors That Could Cause Lower Farmland Values

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer

Despite continued, several factors are pointing to some downward pressure on farmland markets.

12:02PM May 09, 2019

Midwest and Mid-South: Farmland Values Softer, Cash Rents Up

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer

Farmers continue to face declining farm income in the Midwest and Mid-South regions, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Meanwhile, after holding steady farmland values have edged

14:00PM Apr 19, 2019

Have Timber? Analyze Its Profit Potential

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer

That patch of woods on the back of your property could increase your land’s revenue this year.

10:08AM Apr 01, 2019

Flooded Farmland: Should You Adjust the Lease?

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer

As waters recede from the thousands of acres that were flooded this spring, attention turns to spring planting. If those acres are rented, who will pay for the cleanup? Should

13:28PM Mar 11, 2019

Our Incredible Vanishing Resource

Portia Stewart
AgWeb Contributor

By the time you’ve finished reading this article, we’ll have nine fewer acres of farmland

15:18PM Sep 07, 2018

Top Operators Discuss Landlord Relations

Anna-Lisa Laca
Online and Business Editor

It’s no secret that it’s becoming harder and harder to find good land to rent at a fair price.

18:19PM Aug 22, 2018

Three Ways to Wow Your Landlord

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor

It’s that time of year again—ready, set, negotiate