18:23PM Aug 15, 2017

Farmer to Farmer Website Links Forage Buyers to Sellers

University News Release
AgWeb Contributor

Dairy farmers in various parts of Wisconsin experienced severe alfalfa winterkill and injury this past winter. Losses were the greatest on heavy soil types with poorer drainage.

15:10PM Aug 15, 2017

Hay Production Down Slightly from Last Year

Drovers Guest Editor
AgWeb Contributor

The estimate of area harvested was unchanged from the figure shown in their June acreage report and only up a fraction of a percent from last year.

16:49PM Aug 10, 2017

Hay Lottery Expands to North, South Dakota and Montana

Sara Brown
Livestock and Production Editor

Applications are due Aug. 31 for a hay lottery that will bring some relief to cattle producers in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana, as they struggle to find feed

22:17PM Aug 03, 2017

Drought Spreads and Intensifies Across U.S. Northern Plains

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor

The drought plaguing eastern Montana and much of North and South Dakota came on quickly and is intensifying, leading ranchers to sell their cattle and farmers to harvest early whatever

15:55PM Aug 02, 2017

Historic Drought Hammers Dakotas, Montana

Chris Bennett
Technology and Issues Editor

Loss and risk are an assumption in farming; devastation is not. Crops in the Dakotas and Montana are baking on an anvil of severe drought and extreme heat, as growers

14:34PM Aug 01, 2017

Machinery Pete: Good Time to Make Hay With Used Machinery

Ashley Davenport
AgWeb Contributor

International demand from China is changing the game for U.S. hay production.

03:38AM Aug 01, 2017

Bison Returned From the Brink Just in Time for Climate Change

Wire Service

The ranchers bringing back the iconic beast have a healthy, trendy, profitable meat—and, some say, an answer for global warming.