11:25AM Apr 18, 2019

Machinery Pete: Older Rigs = Red Hot

Machinery Pete
AgWeb Contributor

Dollars are definitely flowing to pre-emission-era machines. No, I’m not just talking tractors. The past six months I’ve seen a surge in buyer interest and rising prices paid for older

13:06PM Apr 08, 2019

Stay Safe Operating UTVs and ATVs: 8 Tips

Sara Brown
Livestock and Production Editor

As this area of equipment evolves, keep safety in mind. ATVs and UTVs both offer good utility on the farm and they can respond differently in times of challenge.

13:35PM Apr 05, 2019

Unverferth’s New One-Pass Cover Crop Seeder Option for Rolling Harrow

Industry Press Release
AgWeb Contributor

The new cover crop seeder option provides economical one-pass planting and incorporation with the Rolling Harrow soil conditioner by itself, or combined with a lead tillage tool for enhanced residue

15:10PM Mar 18, 2019

How to Use a Voltmeter

Turn it on, select the direct current setting and test on a machine with a 12-volt battery