11:10AM Apr 24, 2020

As Oil Trades Below $0, Will Corn or Ethanol be Next?

While oil proved it's possible commodities can trade blow $0, it may not be probable. Analysts say the driving factor is demand.

15:30PM Apr 17, 2020

The Road to Recovery for Corn Prices is Bumpy

Corn prices continue to creep lower, but what will it take to push prices higher? Mark Gold and Sam Hudson discuss markets on U.S. Farm Report this week.

Piles of grain
11:04AM Apr 14, 2020

Can the Market Handle 3 Billion Bushels of New Crop Corn Carryout?

Brian Splitt thinks the May WASDE may be the capitulation event for the corn market, as it's will unveil USDA's first official balance sheet for new crop.

13:59PM Apr 03, 2020

China Needs to Make Bigger Buys to Make Up for Ethanol Losses in U.S.

With a large increase in corn acres, and declining ethanol demand, the U.S. could be swimming in supplies. That’s why one analyst thinks there's downside price risk with putting corn

10:39AM Mar 27, 2020

Ethanol Plants Could Soon Start Producing for DDGs, Not Ethanol

Ethanol prices are in a free fall due to fewer people driving and a recent price war. As some ethanol plants shutter production, facilities may start producing for DDGs to

08:47AM Mar 20, 2020

Ethanol Plants Are on the Verge of Shuttering Production; Here’s Why

Gas prices are falling, but few can take advantage of the low prices as “social distancing” and increasingly stringent COVID-19 prevention restrictions keep people off of the roads and ethanol

06:21AM Mar 17, 2020

COVID-19 Could Provide Input Price Relief for Farmers

The freefall in the markets could spur some relief in input prices. Input insiders look into which inputs could see a price cut and which inputs could be in short