Wheat 06
15:40PM May 08, 2019

How Cheap Will Wheat Get?

Clinton Griffiths
AgDay Anchor, Executive Producer

The recent wheat tour in Kansas found good yields making it difficult for prices to find a reason to rally.

22:34PM Mar 27, 2018

An Acreage Battle Looms

Jerry Gulke
Market Strategy Columnist

In spite of what we heard for months of sideways trading markets and media fear of being saddled long term by mountains of grains (especially corn), some real issues are

15:45PM Mar 27, 2018

Pre-Report Analysis of March 29 USDA Reports Editors
AgWeb Contributor will have full coverage of USDA's March 29 reports, following the 11 a.m. Central Time releases.

20:52PM Feb 08, 2018

South American Crops Grab Attention of Grain Traders

Wes Mills
Executive Producer

With Midwest fields under a blanket of snow and cold, grain traders turn their attention to South America as USDA boosts its forecast for the Brazilian soybean crop.

21:38PM Feb 07, 2018

Russia's Blizzard Is a Blessing for Wheat Fields

Wire Service

Russia's Blizzard of the Century Is a Blessing for Wheat Fields

10:42AM Feb 03, 2018

Gulke: Soybeans Offer Technical Signals

Pam Fretwell
Multimedia; Farm Journal Special Projects Editor

Beans were down for the week, off new highs but closing lower than a week ago which gave us some technical signals. That’s important says Jerry Gulke, president of the

05:18AM Jan 24, 2018

Russian Wheat Sales Expand Global Reach With Surge in Sudan

Wire Service

Sudan’s liberalized bread prices this year may affect trade.