07:30AM Apr 29, 2020

Farmers Focus on People, Risk Management During COVID-19

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer

COVID-19 has disrupted and impacted every type of agriculture in every corner of the globe. Farmers from across North America provide perspective.

17:06PM Apr 27, 2020

Smithfield Foods Shutters Pork Plant in Crete, Nebraska

Jennifer Shike
AgWeb Contributor

Smithfield Foods in Crete, Neb., will be shuttering as COVID-19 cases continue to rise among plant workers.

17:02PM Apr 27, 2020

Iowa and Minnesota Double Average Corn Planting

John Herath
AgWeb Contributor

Iowa and Minnesota led the pack in a busy corn planting week.

16:15PM Apr 27, 2020

We Need More Small Plants

Kate Miller
AgWeb Contributor

“We need more small plants!”—-The tiny violin solo of the beef industry. To start: there are 853ish USDA beef kill plants in the US, the big four run 27 of

16:05PM Apr 27, 2020

“Courage is Grace Under Pressure”

Taylor Leach
AgWeb Contributor

“Courage recognizes the significant work of farmers, their families, farm communities and all who are engaged in feeding the world.”

15:24PM Apr 27, 2020

Friendly Weather Leads to Spike in Planting Progress

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor

USDA’s April 27 Crop Progress Report shows corn made huge jumps week-over-week and is pacing ahead of the five-year average. Soybeans made a smaller jump and are also well above

15:10PM Apr 27, 2020

Pig Farmers Exhaust All Options to Avoid Unprecedented Decisions

Jennifer Shike
AgWeb Contributor

No rock is being left unturned to move pigs right now, says Illinois pig farmer Thomas Titus. With packing plants closing and slowing down temporarily, pig farmers are faced with